iPhone 6 Case Review: Urban Armor Gear


I received a new case for my iPhone 6  from Urban Armor Gear the other day and I'm a bit excited to share my review with you, geeks. I heard about Urban Armor Gear in January this year when I saw this video about an iPhone 6 (in an Urban Armor Gear case, of course) being sent up 101,00 feet up in the air and then dropped. I was really … [Read more...]

Countdown to the Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight!


Only 7 days to go 'till the much awaited fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao! Are you excited? Me, I'm feeling very apprehensive! Excited but apprehensive. I definitely want Manny to win this fight. I'm actually surprised that I feel like this since I'm normally very deadma when it comes to Pacquiao fights. Don't get me wrong. I admire … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat with Rita’s Italian Ice


I finally got to try out Rita's Italian Ice last Saturday! Woohoo! I got the Strawberry-Banana Ice, Chocolate Custard Gelati. It's so good! It's just like eating a banana split. I've been seeing Rita's Italian Ice all over social media so I was pretty curious about this dessert. Unfortunately, the location of it's one and only (at the … [Read more...]