Just A Little Link Loving’!


I was sooo busy during the weekend so I wasn’t able to update GeekGirlManila. You know, levelling my paladin in WoW while watching my downloaded series. Such an exhausting weekend really. Haha!

Anyway, just sharing some posts I’ve written last week!


  • Cute Mini-Speakers For iPod and Cellphones!
  • Cute Suede Laptop Tote Bag!
  • Byrd & Belle iPhone Case is Awesome!
  • iSkin solo FX Goes Matte With SE!
  • Brinell Purestorage Drives Are Chic!
  • Beamer: iPhone Case With Built-In Light!
  • How To: 10 Minute Sewable iPod Remote!
  • DIY GelaSkins Mobile Art!

Apple Gazette:


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  1. says

    Sounds like you've had a kickass weekend. I also spent the weekend gaming with friends. Nothin' like playing Quake Wars, Killing Floor and mix it all in with trash talking to really get the juices flowing.
    Happy blogging.

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