My Tony and Jackey Salon Experience

It’s exactly been one week since I had my hair rebonded last Saturday at Tony and Jackey Salon in Festival Mall, Alabang.

My sister saw that they were having a summer long promo, with rebond prices for as low as P1,500 for any length! Considering that Tony and Jackey is a reputable salon, that deal looked really good. (Or so we thought)

They didn’t put the P1,500 Aqua Rebond package on this poster, but it’s printed on the flyer in their salon.

When we got there, however, we weren’t allowed to get the P1,500 Aqua Rebond promo. HARUMPH!

They saw that my hair had recently undergone coloring and Aqua Rebond might damage my already damaged hair (Yes, they said that). They suggested I should get the L’Oreal Extenso Rebond instead for P3,000. (Hmm, sige na nga.) They also suggested (strongly) that I get the P1,000 Keratin Treatment with Haircut since my hair is SO dry. (Ma’am, ang dry talaga ng hair nyo!)

(At this point, I couldn’t help raising my eyebrows already. Come on, my hair isn’t THAT BAD!)

My sister’s hair, on the other hand, is all natural (virgin, untouched hair) but she also wasn’t allowed to get the P1,500 rebond because her hair strands were too thin. (Sige na nga, ulit…)

Fine, so much for the P1,500 promo. But since my sister and I would prefer to pay more than have our hair ruined, we just went ahead with the L’Oreal Extenso Rebond for P3,000. Wahaha, cheapo!

How my hair turned out

When I think about it, I don’t really need to rebond my hair since I have naturally straight hair. But rebonding helps me with growing out my hair especially during the awkward length. I also hate getting the frizzies and I’m too lazy to use anti-frizz hair products. So rebonding is the convenient way for lazy ol’ me to grow out my hair.

With flash. Sorry, some people hate it but I really like the ‘walis’ look, hehe.

If I don’t rebond, I get really annoyed with bad hair days and end up chopping my hair. So much for growing it out.

Will I go back to Tony and Jackey?

To be honest, I’m not that pleased with my Tony and Jackey experience for the following reasons:

  • They’re too hard sell, bordering on pushy. It’s like they’re all over your face suggesting this and that treatment, it’s actually quite overwhelming and intimidating. I went there for the P1,500 promo, obviously I’m trying to be frugal. And then they suggested that I go get the Volumizing Rebond package for P6,000? Uhhhhm.
  • I found the stylists working there a bit tactless. Instead of saying “damaged hair”, they could have said something like, “chemically treated.” They didn’t have to say over and over that my hair was soooooooooooooooooo dry. After the rebond and cut, my stylist actually “Tsk!”-ed, shook her head and said something like, “Sayang, you should have had the Volumizing Rebond done.” Thanks ha, you just made me feel ugly.
  • I felt like the people there were money hungry. I had 4 people attending me! Two stylists and two assistants. That meant a whole lot of tips. I wish they informed me first that they would assign extra people. I had a budget, you know.

I didn’t know if it was because I was hungry, but I was pretty cranky by the time they were done. I just wanted to pay and leave.

HOWEVER. I would want to go back again to try their hair cut. Since I was their for almost 4 hours, I saw a lot of people come and go. And every person who left, left with a really good hair cut! Or maybe for a digital perm. Oh, and my rebond turned out okay, anyway.

So maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back there sometime in the future.

But for now, I’m sticking with my regular stylist, Jenny of Jay Feliciano Salon for my hair pampering and needs.

Jay Feliciano Salon
G/F Tia Maria Building
103 Cv Starr Avenue
Philamlife Village
Las Pinas, Metro Manila.
(632) 8725919

Tony and Jackey Salon
Festival Mall, Alabang
2nd Level, Festival Mall,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(632) 659-1875

Link: Tony and Jackey Salon

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  1. T&J salon was nice because i see it that they will care their costumer and to look their costumer beautiful.., they will do their best to for his/her costumer..,I try it and this was great..,thank you for here

  2. richelle says:

    we had the same experience. i had a volumizing rebond treatment 3 days ago. honestly they didnt care even if my hair was straight and didnt actually need a rebond. all they cared about was money. they never even told me that they would cut my hair like this. my hair was way better before the treatment. when we pay for something totally expensive we expect to at least get an “ok” service. not in my case. im really upset rightnow that i would want to get my money back. its pretty ridiculous how they convinced me to try that particular service and yet after the treatment my bofriend got mad at me and told me you paid for nothing. he even called me stupid for paying php5800 for making my hair worse. where should i go complain?pls help..

  3. alley_kat says:

    For 500 pesos na haircut na hindi sulit at pangit, sobrang rip-off talaga ang T&J. I had my haircut today at Burgundy Makati. Sinabi ko trim na half inch lang, aba ang haba ng ginupit. Cge deadma lang ako. Pero napiss-off talaga ako na hindi man lang nablow dry ng maayos and tulad sa mga naunang comments sinabihan ako na super dry at need ko parebond. sabi ko NO. Abuso tong parlor na to. Hindi nila ginagawa ng tama ang service nila. Maski sa mumurahin lang ako magpagupit mas maayos pa treatment sa kin ng mga staff. Even if haircut lang inavail ko, I’ll find time to report them to DTI one of these days.

    • True… Regular customer ako ng tony and jacky,, nag try ako sa new branch nla sa Savemore Nagtahan,,, gusto ko avail ng promo nla pero dun plang sa reception ayaw Nya sa gusto kong promo,, she was very pushy na pilitin ako na avail ko ang pinaka mahal na service,, her reason was Bka daw ma damage hair ko at cla sisihin ko, is this the right way to speak to a customer??? That’s mean na Hindi pla ganun ka reliable ang mga product na gnagamit ng Tony and Jacky… At isa pa , bkit Nya ako pinipilit dun sa gusto nyang package. I’m the customer ,,, at Ito lang ang Tony and Jacky na branch na masasabi ko na dapat na bigyan nla staff nla ng training about customer service and d cla marunong mag recognize ng customer na pumapasok sa salon nla… Fake pla ang mga flyers na binibigay nla sa mga Tao… Very disappointed sa Tony and Jacky jean sa Savemore Nagtahan,,, mabuti pa ang mga parlor na d Killala they know how to value and recognize customer who is just paying a 50 pesos haircut…

  4. Miral Sañosa says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the information and warning. Papunta na sana ako ng T&J Salon. I browsed online for their prices para di sana ako mabigla… Good thing I came across this blog.. Real talk from real people it is..

  5. I had my hair rebonded with hair manicure at T&J Festival Mall back in December 2012. It was really straight to the point that my hair is sticking to my head, but the treatment was okay due to the fact that I had availed the keratin/haircut promo for several months prior to the rebond. The usual upsells, like the volumizing rebond for an additional 1k and you need this hair treatment chuchu…The lady was very chitchatty and annoying at the same time due to the upselling. After my hair was done, I almost rush to the doors hehehe.. My next rebond was at T&J Sta. Rosa back in January of this year. It took me a while to get my hair rebonded because I still wanted my hair done at T&J. The service in Sta. Rosa was really awful. The Korean stylist was very insistent on getting the super expensive treatment explaining that my hair was very damaged and stressed due to rebond and every 5 minutes kept upselling their products. I said, well it was done at your Festival site by your Korean friend. At that point he stopped and warned me of the output of my insistence to get the same loreal rebond minus the hair manicure. The results were horrifying. It’s like I got my hair treated by a non pro who used cheap products. I had to go back a week after to complain and got my hair done, another senior stylist from Alabang tried to salvage my hair and advised me to leave my hair alone for several years away from rebond. So much for trusting T&J

  6. had an aqua rebond at tony and jackey 168 branch last year…it looks great but only for a while… 2 weeks to one month lang yata nag last yun rebond effect… then my hair was back on its normal state. the haircut was good though it was cut a liitle shorter on my side bangs but after a week, it looks good and i liked it . i used to have my hair done at scissors edge, (always full of customers for rebonding treatment) …the effect on my hair? no regrets, straight and shiny… availed of their treatment too after the rebond…semi de lino.. its best to have treatment right after the rebond.

  7. Don’t. They burned my hair

  8. I got disappointed sa branch ng T&J sa Cubao. I availed their promo for 3k Loreal X’tenso last Sunday. First time ko magparebond sa kanila actually. Sabi nila, 2 days ko daw wag iligo yung buhok (ginawa kong 3 days). After 3 days, bumalik na yung wavy hair ko agad. Nakaka-disappoint kasi nagbayad pa ko ng extra 1k for the treatment tapos pagkaligo wala na agad. Will go back to that branch today to complain. Let’s see what will happen.

  9. Hi. The first time I tried Bang’s Tony and Jackey was at Festival mall, Alabang, way back 2010. My stylist is a korean, Ms. Eugene. (My hubby also had his haircut from her) I had a neglected hair (dry, a little wavy & unmanageable). Since I really wanted to fix my hair, I opted for the Package C: L’Oreal extenso rebond+hair manicure+keratin treatment+haircut. At that time, it was cheaper since they included hair manicure in their promo packages, unlike now. In fairness to Ms. Eugene & her assistant, they didn’t hard sell. They just explained the differences between Aqua rebonding & L’Oreal. No negative comments about my hair. They even told me that my L’Oreal rebond has a warranty of 1 year. If it turned wavy within the year, I could go back & they’ll fix it for free. After the process & haircut, they showed me the back of my hair through a mirror. It was soft, straight, shiny & a little bit reddish under the light,(because of the hair manicure). I was really happy with the result. Even after a year, true to their claim, my hair is still straight & soft. Take note, I just had one hot oil treatment & few hair trims within that year. (I’m too lazy hehe). Anyway, I went back for another rebond at Bang’s T&J Festival mall. Too bad, Ms. Eugene already returned to Korea. Since then, I always have my hair rebonded once a year at Bang’s T&J, but in different branches. I can’t find a replacement for my previous hairstylist, Ms. Eugene. Nowadays, the result of their hair rebond promo package is incomparable to my 1st experience. It looks ordinary. I guess it’s because they removed hair manicure from the package. This is very essential for the shiny effect. Furthermore, I don’t know if it’s because of too many branches that they had to hard sell. And only few of their new batch of stylists can match the hair cutting skills of the old batch. Now, I had to research their profile at their site first, unlike before, I’ll just tell them what I want then go for it.

  10. hi there. .i want to share my same bad experience with t&j sm city cebu branch as well. .Gorordo Cebu branch is way much better (before). Got my hair rebonded almost 2 weeks ago at SM City Cebu branch but seems nothing has changed. The result did not equate with the amount that I had paid. They also refused to do a back job and instead used your “FREE” Keratin Treatment coupon which they provide you after your rebond. And the said FREE coupon is just part of your chosen package. Marketing Strategy!. .they even blamed my hair which is very damage as the cause of the demarcation line that Ive been complaining to them. .if you happen to experience this in Manila, this means that this has been their way of treating their customers nationwide. .grrrrr

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