How To Maintain Rebonded Hair… The Affordable Way.

After 2 weeks, I can say I’m sufficiently happy with how my L’Oreal Extenso Rebonding in Tony and Jackey turned out.

The experience in the salon wasn’t exactly desirable but I give the results with my hair a thumbs up.

I actually got worried after the first few washings because my hair started to dry. It looked dry, felt dry and burnt. And when I run my fingers through my hair, my hair felt scratchy.

But after another week of washing, my hair is now silky, smooth and super straight. I guess I needed more time to wash out the chemicals.

When you have your hair rebonded, hairstylists will usually recommend hair products (usually conditioners) that you have to use every day so your hair won’t dry. They will also recommend that you take weekly hair treatments.

Unfortunately, these hair products are usually expensive (Tony and Jacky was offering me a hair therapy conditioner worth P2,800! No thanks!) and weekly hair treatments are equally painful on the pockets as well.

But you’re in luck because I’m going to share with you my little thrift secret for maintaining rebonded hair.

If you can’t afford to buy those special, expensive hair products for rebonded hair, or get weekly treatments, you can use any normal hot oil treatment that you can buy from your nearest department store.

Ta-da! Golden Fabulouz Cocomilk Hot Oil Cream Conditioner. You won’t go wrong with the name, haha! FABULOUZ!

I use this as my daily conditioner and I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes while in the shower, then rinse thoroughly after. You can buy it from Watsons for around P200. It’s usually buy one, take one! :) One tub can last you a month or two.

I like this specific hot oil treatment because it has the ingredient “Hydrolized Keratin Oil”.

Keratin is very important to our hair. It is actually a major protein component in hair, skin and teeth. When the layer of keratin in our hair breaks down, that’s when our hair becomes dry and damaged. The thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair.

So if you’re going to look for a hot oil treatment, it would be best if you get the one with keratin additives and ingredient.

And after drying my hair, I use hair oil to make it shinier.

Bought also from Watsons for P170, buy one take one.

Use a pea sized amount on your palm. Rub your palms together, and run your hands through your hair to spread the oil. Don’t use too much or it’ll make your hair look oily and greasy! Best to concentrate on the middle part of your hair and on the tips. Avoid the spreading it on the roots.

I also try to wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week to lessen product build up and prevent dull looking, weighed down hair.

And that’s how I maintain my rebonded hair, the frugal “cheapskate” way, all for P400 bucks! :)

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  1. priyanka says:

    hieee… i got my hair rebonded permanently but i got soo many of curves after the first wash :( m soo much worried now … i use lorial serum please help :( </3

    • Maybe you washed your hair right away. You must not wash your hair after three days, because the medicine applied needs to be well absorbed by your hair… Also, it’s best when you go back to your salon and tell them about what happened to your hair. Ask them how to take care of it, too. :)


  2. Hi, Ms.Lia! Ano po ba maissugest niong clarifying shampoo?And also ung hair ko po naging wavy agad and slightly dry after ilang days ng rebonding.nagkamali kasi ako ilng days after pwde basain ung hair .magging straight po ba ulit tona parang rebonded by using golden fabulouz cocomilk hot oil cream?.pls respond po, I desperately need help for my hair.

  3. and also ngparebond po ako nung may 22 then binasa ko ung hair ko nung may 25.un po ba naging cause ng wavy hair?pls respond po

    • lira ndi maaus ang paq ka rebound sau kasi ako 2 days lanq paq tapos ko i rebound ok naman kaya dapat bumalik ka sa salon kung san ka nag pa rebound

  4. muskaXD says:

    boy po ako . okay lng po ba sa lalaki gamiting yang golden fabulouz hot oil .
    ngparebond po aq last 2 month lng po . wala po kc mabilan dito nyan . even sa watson at mercury . wala po sa cavite san po kaya meron ? . salamat po

  5. hi ate , can I ask if pwede bang mag ponytail after 1 week ? or 2 weeks ? kasi may C.A.T formation kami araw-araw at dapat naka ponytail ang buhok eh :( PLEASE REPLY PO !

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Shenny, I don’t recommend putting your hair up in a ponytail 1-2 weeks after rebond. Normally, I only put up mine in a ponytail after a few months na, 3 months minimum :)

  6. lilmiss says:

    hi Lia :) Pwede ba ulit magrebond after 3months?

  7. Hi, just wanna ask.. Can I use a flat iron to straighten my hair? kakarebonded ko lang nung June 12,13 and I already washed it last night medjo flyaway kasi ung sa baba..

  8. Hi Lia,

    Kakarebond lang gna hair ko last June 8. Any brand of clarifying shampoo that you can suggest? I have dandruff din kahit anong ordinary shampoo ang gamitin ko. hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance!



  10. hi ms.lia
    ask lng po kung pwd b lhat ng product na na mention mu po sa kaka kulay pa lang po na hair?
    PLEASE pkisagot naman po >.<

  11. hello po, ask ko lang po if this conditioner can help to maintain rebonded hair for more than a year? para hindi na po ako magparebond ulit after 1year due to hair growth.. every year na po kc ako ngpaparebond.. 3rd time ko na po this year.. thanks in advance po! :))

  12. Hi there. Simula po nung bata ako, (maybe 13 years old) 4 na beses na po akong nagparebond and all of them are disasters. Argh. I regret it so much. KULOT PO YUNG SA MAY ANIT AT STRAIGHT PO SA IBABA. Awkward po tingnan. Ano po kaya ang magandang gawin para maging straight po yung buhok ko sa may anit, to think na dati po nung di pako nagpaparebond eh tuwid naman ang buhok ko. Please reply po I need it badly because I want to model po, sayang po kasi ang height ko hehe. Kailangan po ng magandang buhok sa ganung industriya. Thank You po.

  13. my hair is rebonded nah for almost 4 months,but nagdry ano gawin ko,,,advice pls…

  14. hi po miss lia ang nabili ko po kasi is golden fabulouz keratin hot oil cream with green tea ok lang po ba to dalawang beses ko na po siyang nagamit tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko tong gamitin everyday

  15. Uhmm pwede ko po ba tong gamitin everyday

  16. pwede nb magprebond kahit one month plng ako nagpkulot?

  17. Good day po..anu pong mgandang shampoo and cnditioner ang gamitn?blak ko pong mgparebond next next week.ill wait for your answer po.

  18. loviegirl says:

    Hi, just wanna ask.. Can I use a flat iron to straighten my hair? kakarebonded ko lang nung THIS month lang and I already washed it pero after washing po so frizzy yung hair and looks sooo dry..pwede po kya?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Lovie,yup, you can iron your hair but remember to use heat protectants to protect your hair :) Hope this helps.

  19. Hey! How frequent do you wash your hair?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Ern, since I don’t go out daily, I only wash my hair every other day :) Too much washing will make my hair dry. How about you?

  20. Hi.. pwede nn bang gamitan or stylan lang one month rebonded hair for parties? Can it be curled na and use spray nets? Thanks in advance for the advise. :)

  21. Hi, kakarebond lang ng hair ko. Gusto ko sana magpakulay. Ask ko lang Kung wen na pwede magpakulay? Tnx

  22. hi. blak ko po snang magpa rebond kso po wala po akong spat na pera. mai nkita po akong parlor na 800 lng po ang mag pa rebond.. tnong ko lng po kung pde po aquoh mag pa rebond don sa parlor na nkita ko khit alam ko po na ahng rebond ngayon ay nsa 2k na po. pre2has lng po vfa ahng gnagwa nla..

  23. Hello po Ms. Lia, papano po yung effective way ng pag.apply nito? kelangan pa po bang i.apply pti sa roots ng hair? please reply po,.i really need your advice,.parang d po kasi effective ung conditioner na binili ko sa salon pra sa rebonded hair q,. :(

  24. Hair stylists usually recommend hair treatment and hair conditioners after rebonding hair.

  25. Hi tanong ko lang po if ung fabulous is mabinili ba SA mga drugstore like mercury or SA mga malls in gaizano or Robinson? Kasi la po kasi akong makita ng hair treatment dun NA MAGANDA ehhh,, saka magpa 5months NA po Ito rebond hair ko and I’m planning to have bangs ok LNG po ba yun?kc advice nga wag daw mag pa bangs PAG rebond ehh at saka im planning din na mag pa hair selofin din ako with colors ok na po ba ako magpa salon ulit at kulayan ang hair ko?advise me NAMAN po pls,, salamat

  26. hi! may i ask? what i have to do para matanggal ang split ends ko

  27. good day po!
    nagparebond po ako last week.unfortunately,di ko po alam na hindi ito pwede hugasan ng warm water.since winter po dito,i used warm water to wash my hair.
    i felt medyo nguumpisa na uli ang buhok ko na magrough.
    what can i do para mabalik ko yung moisture na nawala?
    please reply.

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Lhen, you should try going back to your salon and ask if they could retouch your rebond, or maybe if they can provide treatment :)

  28. Hi Miss Lia, I am very much interested with your blog about maintaining the rebonded hair since my hair is rebonded so maybe this is the time that I should follow these steps since I just bought a coconut hotoil hair treatment same as yours yesterday. Hope it works for my hair too! Thanks for this steps! ☺

  29. Hello po. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede paring magparebond kahit na medyo manipis na po ang buhok ko? Please reply po. Kailangan lang po talaga..

  30. hi lg ba if I use this hot oil cream conditioner everyday? My used to have this pero tinigil q, my friend told me once a week lg dw baka msira hair q… okie lg po ba talag? tnx po..:)

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Karen, I used it every day and never naman nasira hair ko. In fact, it helped make my hair better. Try it for yourself! :)

    • based on my own exp.
      i used it everyday,:) hindi naman nasira ang hair ko. actually, it helps my rebonded hair last almost 2 years with permanent color pa.

  31. Hello po Miss Lia :) Tanong ko lng po kung totoo na pwedeng mag-lagas ang rebonded hair after manganak? Thanks po..

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Elizabeth, regardless whether nag pa rebond ka or not, you will really experience hair-loss after pregnancy since your body underwent some stress :) So it’s normal naman.

  32. Hello po :)) I’m turning 14 but I’ve already rebonded my hair for 3 times already, and now mag fo-4th time na, ask ko lang po if I can do bangs or fringes with rebonded hair?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Mheryll, I don’t see any reason why you can’t have bangs or fringes with your rebond :)

      • I mean will it not be blunt and straight boring, lying flat on the forehead when I did do a side bangs? Can I do wispy side bangs?

  33. But I did do a Brazillian last October, it made my hair look livelier and it gave keratin. After two months mom decided to put oil because of my dandruffs. :/

    And now after having Brazillian, It really looks natural and it’s shinier.

  34. i just wanna ask if advisable po ba gumamit ex. vitress after rebond??…tska advised po kc sakin magpa hair treatment po para mas lalo gumanda ung hair pangit daw po kac na rebonded lang ang hair tas walang treatment. Ilang months po ba ang kylangan bago mag pa treatment?? salamat po :)

  35. i used that too…:)))
    fan ako ng product na yan. ,
    my rebonded hair last almost 2 years..:) with a permanent color. ihihihihi

  36. Pauleen says:

    Hi po Ate Lia! :D May alam po ba kayong way para mamaintain ko po ang rebonded hair ko? I mean yung hindi po nakukulot? Kasi po, first time ko po magparebond and 1 year na po siya ngayon, ang kaso, nakukulot na po sa may upper part ng hair ko while straight po yung sa lower part. May balak po kasi akong magparebond ulit and gusto ko po sanang malaman kung may mga ways po para maimaintain ko po yung pagkakastraight niya.. Btw po, 12 palang po ako and turning 13 na po.

  37. amandeep kaur says:

    hey.i wnna say,dat i had rebonded my hairs 4 months ago,,i took regular spa treatments and used loreal extenso products only,,but,now they hv become sooooo dry and fizzy…plzz suggest me somethingg

  38. Hello po. Pano po ishashampoo ang rebonded hair after 3 days ?

  39. pwede napo ba mag parebond this may? nag parebond po ako ng August 10, 2013.

  40. hi po ano po magandang gamot pra pra rebond thanks po

  41. azonitaaa says:

    hi!nagparebond ako 6 months from now and nagpapa treatment ako minsan.pero meron na syang tumtubo at wavy sya yung ichura nya may alon makaktulong po kaya tong fabulouz para medyo bumagsak sya?para medyo malessen pag ka wavy nya ayoko na din kasi magpa rebond kasi uso ngayong college mga natural nlng wala ng masyadong rebonded.take note super kapal ng hair ko :(

  42. First time hair rebonded and i do not know how to take good care of it, my hair is now freezy, dry and burned, I take a shower everyday and use keratin everyday.. is it okay if i take a shower and keratin everyday?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Laiza, there shouldn’t be any problem if you take a shower and have keratin treatment every day :)

  43. Hi, Ms. Lia!

    Natural po bang kulot kayo bago po kayo nagparebond? And after po ba ng rebond ninyo may mga naputol din na hair ninyo? ‘Yung tipong mararamdaman mo ung putol ng hair near the scalp? Ginagamit ninyo pa rin po ba itong Cocomilk hot oil cream na ito hanggang ngayon?

    Thank you po. 😊

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Bles, my hair is naturally straight. Kaya lang ako nag papa rebond is when my hair is short and it’s at its awkward length with fly aways :) But yes, I still use this product to deep condition my hair atleast twice a week since I color my hair regularly :)

      • Hello, Ms. Lia!

        Bumili po ako nito kanina, kaso po magkahiwalay na yung cocomilk at keratin.. Since buy one take one naman po, bumili ako tig-isa. Every other day din po akong nagwawash ng hair ko, since di rin po ako madalas lumabas. Can I use it po everytime I wash my hair, like every other day? Any tips pa po para mas mapaganda ang hair? Hehe.

        Maraming Salamat po, Ms. Lia! 😘

  44. hi po. Mag 3mons na po ung baby ko at breastfeed po yong baby ko….pwedi po ba aku magparebond?

    Tnx..sana masagot niyo po..pangit po kasi ung hair ko..:-)

  45. Hi Lia,

    i just bought the Golden Fabulouz hot oil treatment from Waton’s since i just had my hair rebonded about a month ago. i noticed in the ingredients, there wasnt any mention of Keratin. instead, it has Coconut milk extract.

    will you still recommend the product? what do you think?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says:

      Hi Toni! I noticed that as well on the new stock I bought for myself. It’s still a good product, and I would still recommend it for deep conditioning :)

  46. hey ! i rebonded my hair a week ago. can u suggest anything for dandruff coz my scalp has become itchy.

  47. Hi po :)

    Ask ko lang po if pwede na magshampoo right 3days after magparebond?
    Ginawa ko po kasi yun. And sabi ng friend ko dapat daw hindi muna..
    Ngayon po, wala pang 4weeks may curls na sya uli.
    Nahihiya naman na po akong bumalik sa salon..
    Ano pong maadvise nyong pwede kong gawin?

    At ok lang po kayang gumamit na ng Natural Hair Remedies in less than a month after ng rebond since may curls na?

    Hope po masagot nyo po lahat ng tanong ko :)
    Kahit opinion lang po :)

    Thank you :)
    God Bless :)

  48. hai poh, pwd po bang magtanong??? … ahm ukie lng poh ba mag gamit ng normal na shampoo like creamsilk etc .pag maligo na po ./,, kakarebond ko lng poh kc eii tpos 1st time pa poh … pls reply nmn poh sa msg ko …

  49. hi lia…i got my hair rebonded with color. i would just like to ask if what shampoo and conditioner can you recommend? i have been trying to look for the best products and at the same time afraid that it won’t work. please help. also will the golden fabulouz applicable for color treated hair? thanks a lot in anvance!

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