School of Satchel: An Alternative To Cambridge Satchel Bags

Satchel bags are the rave now. Everybody wants one. Heck, I even want one.

Unfortunately, the coveted Cambridge Satchel bags are pretty pricey, with the price starting at PHP5,799($150) for the 11″.

However, if you’re not particular about brands, here’s a really good alternative.

School of Satchel offers a more affordable satchel bag. The best part, these  are proudly Philippine-made!

Sizes and Prices
PhP 3500($90) Small – 11″ x 8 ” x 2.50″
PhP 4200 ($105) Medium – 13″ x 9 ” x 3.25″
PhP 5100($130) Large – 15″ x 10 ” x 4″

The bags comes in Oxblood, Tan, Black and Navy colors. Nice neutral-ish colors compared to the more bright, rainbow colored Cambridge Satchels.

The full bag with the strap. Does not have handles at the moment. But SoS will come out with a handled version soon.

Fine stitching.

The interior of the bag.

Side by side with the Cambridge Satchel. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you’re confused about which size to get, School of Satchel gives a good recommendation:

11″ – Your daily ESSENTIALS satchel. It is lightweight and easy practical to carry daily with it’s secure belt fasten loops. Affordable enough to buy more than 1 color!

13″ – If you lug around a half liter of water everyday, then get this is the satchel for you. Place your laptop inside and never carry two separate bags EVER again!

15″ – Now, if you carry a liter of water everyday like some people (yes me), your laptop, kindle, organizer, etc then this is yours, no question. You don’t have an excuse to leave anything at home!

School of Satchel Bags are made of 100% pure leather and are “built to last a lifetime.”

Link: School of Satchel Facebook | School of Satchel Multiply Site

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  1. MarkLes says

    I actually bought one as a gift and brought it with me to Sydney and was impressed by the quality. I am well acquainted with leather goods. What I like about SoS is that it is genuine leather from one single hide and not fused leather (i.e. leather pieces stiched/glued together). Makes a big difference in quality and craftsmanship. Another bonus is that it’s proudly Philippine made!

  2. Lia Espina Lopez says

    Hi MarkLes, that’s awesome to know! :) I’m actually thinking of getting one myself :)

  3. says

    Discovered SOS just today and already contemplating on getting one. Been thinking of the Cambridge for awhile but I’m not sold on the price. Now this one… hmm. I wonder when other designs will be available.

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Alyanna, thanks for passing by! :) Me, too! I plan to get one, just can’t decide which color to get :)

  4. Merlin says

    Exactly what I’ve been wanting for years, but can’t afford Coach and don’t like Our Tribe designs. Have a 20-year-old Banana Republic leather satchel that badly needs to rest. And SOS is purely Pinoy, how satisfying. Thanks, Lia, you just helped me make up my mind– I’m one of those idiots who get confused about sizes. ‘Scuse me now, i need to purchase an SOS bag. Wait a sec, what do you think: oxblood or tan? Tough, really tough.

  5. arlitz de guia says

    Hi, i like the oxblood color. I have a 13″ laptop so what size i should order? Is the material glossy?

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