Geek Girl Review: SMART Rocket Plug-It

SMART Communications Inc. has recently launched a new addition to their broadband portfolio, the SMART Rocket Plug-It.

For the price of P3,995 for the dongle, it’s supposed to be the fastest mobile broadband prepaid service in the market with speeds that could reach up to 12Mbps.

Find out if it delivered! Read on.


The box!

Some information on the back of the box. Blah, blah, blah.

Minimum system requirements.

The dongle comes with the sim, the user guide and the settings

The dongle! *giggle* (I said dongle!)

You can insert an SD card so that dongle can acts as a USB Thumb Drive, too.


Oops, having a bad day, haha.

The best result so far!

My latency in World of Warcraft on a good connection.

My latency in World of Warcraft on a horrible connection. Uhm, yaiks!

1.69Mbps download speed!!!


  • The signal keeps switching from HSPA+ to HSDPA to WCDMA. That itself means that the signal in our area is pretty unstable.
  • I had the best result when I tried it on the 5th floor of our condo. But inside our unit, which is on the 1st floor, I can barely get a HSPA+ signal. Light is always blue which means its connected to a 3G signal. Poop.
  • I live near Alabang and the nearest HSPA+ cellsite is at Festival Mall.
  • On a good, STABLE signal, the SMART Rocket can give faster results than our wired internet.

Speedtest result for our wired internet at home.

Well, obviously, the SMART Rocket didn’t do so great, looking at the Speedtest result

Definitely far from their claim of ‘up to 12Mbps’.

But I do have to say this: I’ve gotten better results with the SMART Rocket compared to my other mobile broadband dongle. (Dapat lang! With the one time fee of P3,995!)

At least I could do some decent surfing with the Rocket. There were so many times I got frustrated with the other mobile broadband dongle that I currently own. I could connect to the network, but I couldn’t send and receive data.

At least with the Rocket, even if the connection was disappointingly slower compared to the supposed speed they are marketing it, I could still load websites and even upload photos on my Facebook :P

So on a final note: Location is a really important factor when it comes to choosing your mobile broadband.

SMART Rocket might not work for me, but it might work for other people who live in better proximity to SMART Bro HSPA+ sites.

With that said, SMART Bro has now over 500 HSPA+ sites. You can check the list of locations here:

The prepaid Rocket kit comes with an hour of free surfing. Regular browsing costs P10 for every 30 minutes.

Link: SMART Rocket Plug-It

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  1. jm says

    Thanks so much for the review! This helps a lot, but the 4K price is kinda high for a dongle that will give you speeds based on location.

    Thanks still.

  2. Swoosh says

    @ GeekGirl,

    Hi, since you did a review on Rocket Plug-it, just wanna ask if i decided to buy one,
    and being it on a prepaid service, will i be able to load it with a Smart pre paid Php500
    card? Also, does the service it offers is continuous? I mean, as long as you have pre
    paid load you wont get disconnected? Or, even if you’re load is more than enough to
    surf the internet for two hours (for example), still the service will get disconnected
    every hour?

    — Any help or info will be highly appreciated, thanks.

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Swoosh, I believe you can load it up with 500 :) As long as you have load, you should be able to use it.

  3. Noel says

    I hate the upload speed. grrrrrrrr it’s about 0.30 Mbps. I need the upload speed more than the download speed.

  4. Kim says

    I bought a smart bro rocket plug it 3 months ago, this first time I used it looks impressive, I could reach up to 6.8mbps when I used at at NAIA. However lately I could barely reach 1mbps. When I was at NAIA just lately I tried to connect expecting a fast connection but to my dismay still it could barely reach 1mbs. Am not using it now, sucker!

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