My First Concert – Avril Lavigne the Black Star Tour Manila

NOTE: My first guest poster! Written by my cute niece, Josephine :) Thank you again, Philippine Airlines for the free Avril Lavigne Patron tickets! You made my niece very, very happy :)

My first ever concert was Avril Lavigne’s the Black Star Tour last February 16, 2012 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

It was an exciting experience with my mom.

After I finished my Abacus Class in the morning, me, my dad and my little sister went to PF Changs (at ATC) for lunch with my lola. My mom was running a little late but she was able to come eat with us.

After we waited for my mom to finish eating we all went back home and got ready for the concert.

I decided to wear my Mickey Mouse shirt but my mom said that it was going to rain hard. So instead of wearing that, my mom told me to wear a pink shirt and change into my Mickey Mouse shirt later.

For the bottom, I decided to wear black leggings and a skirt on top.

I also wore a cat necklace and my LEGO wristwatch. I also asked my Ninang Lia if I can borrow her boots. She agreed to let me wear them.

Once I finished changing, I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I looked kinda cute.

My dad told me that me and my mom would be sitting a bit close to the stage. He also told me that I could have a small bag like a mini shoulder pouch. I also brought along my book (Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth) in case I got bored in the car.

We went to Gateway Mall. While I was in the car, I started reading my book.

After reading my book, I got sleepy and asked my mom if I could take a nap. She said “Yes, yes you need energy while we are at the concert!”

I took the blanket (we keep one in the car in case we got cold) and passed out.

When I woke up, I was still a little sleepy and it was really raining hard. We went to Gateway Mall and parked underground.

After we got out of the car, we were now going to have some fun!

My mom wanted us to get some snacks before the concert so we don’t get hungry.

It made me wonder what me and my mom were going to have for dinner.

I asked her and she said “We are going to have it during the concert.” but I was like, “Aren’t food and drinks prohibited inside the Araneta Coliseum?”

She said, “It’s ok some people will be selling some food.”

But I was still nervous. We went to the food court and I saw Aunty Anne’s.

I was going to ask my mom “Doesn’t Aunty Anne sell pretzels?”

But I didn’t ask her anymore because I remembered there was an Aunty Anne’s at ATC and they do sell pretzels.

I told my mom I wanted to have an almond coated pretzel and some hot chocolate because I was cold.

We sat down somewhere and ate our meal. My mom bought 2 almond-covered pretzels. I ate 1 and 1 half of the other.

While I was halfway finished with the second pretzel, I said “ Mommy, I’m full and let’s go to the bathroom so I can change shirts.”

We went to the bathroom and changed my shirt.

Then we headed for the red gate. But we didn’t know where the red gate was so we went to the green gate.

The place was full of people waiting. My mom asked the security where to line up for Patron seats.

And he replied, “You don’t need to line up because you already have reserved seats, the people that are here don’t have seats.”

Since we didn’t want to wait forever, we went to Shopwise.

We looked at some things and got a mini blue fan and some candy. By the time we got back, the line was moving already.

After the line got shorter, my mom and I went in.

We decided to get a souvenir for my little sister, Amanda, because she wanted to go to but we only had 2 tickets. Most of the things were very expensive so we only got a flashing Star Wand.

Some people were standing outside the door because the place wasn’t ready yet. After a little waiting, we were allowed to go in.

When we got in I thought we were supposed to sit somewhere else closer to the stage but it was okay.

After waiting for a long time the opening act started. Their final song was the song in the Cornetto Disk commercial.

After that we waited for a long time again, then it became pitch black except for the glow sticks some people were waving. Other people were waving Star Wands.

Then we heard Avril Lavigne! It was so cool! I saw her for real!

She also had a Star wand and she was waving it.

She sang 14 songs. She bowed then left the stage. My mom told me to yell “Encore!” because she saw somebody telling everybody to yell encore.

After our yelling “Encore!” she came back up on stage, and everyone screamed (there was even a guy screaming like a girl).

After 3 songs, she introduced the band members and left the stage.

When everything was over, me and my mom went to the backstage to look for her. Sadly, nothing but there was someone who was working with Avril and asked us if we wanted to have the set list. I was like “YES!”

Then my mom said to stand next to him to have picture with him.

When we got back to the car, I asked my mom if I could have that leftover pretzel. After I ate it, I passed out again.

When we got back home sweet home, I removed the shoes, watch and necklace and slept soundly.

My First Concert – Avril Lavigne the Black Star Tour Manila in Photos

Josephine Victoria is 10 years old and a geek girl in the making. She loves to read, loves dinosaurs, cats and Pokemon. She likes to play on her Nintendo DS during her spare time.

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