Travel on with Travelon!

Hey Geeks, April is about to end and May is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Time flies so fast!

Only a month more to go and everyone’s back to the normal grind of work and school. (Though if you’re working, what’s the difference, really, haha.)

Anyway, if you’re still looking for travel gear, you might want to check out the brand Travelon.

The awesome thing about Travelon gear is their anti-theft feature. Their bags and wallets are made of slash-proof material, including the straps. They also use lockable zippers (oooh!) which makes it difficult for people with busy hands to open your bag’s compartment.

If you take public transportation to get around the Metro this a brand you might want to check out.

Another great feature of Travelon bags and wallets is that it effectively blocks Radio-frequency identification or RFID readers, preventing unauthorized access to personal information. If you’re a spy, this is the brand is for you!

Travelon has so much more to offer traveling geeks out there so feel free to visit the Official Travel Facebook Page at

As for me, I’m liking this purple Travel Bag… hmmm!

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