My Experience with Vets In Practice, Alabang Branch

My sister’s cat, Baby Steps, got into an accident two weeks ago and we decided to bring him to Vets in Practice, Alabang to be checked out.


We used to bring all our pets to Animal House, Alabang (near Alabang Hills), but after some unfortunate incidents with 2 other pets, we were on the lookout for better vet choices in the Alabang area.

Fortunately, I think we have found our choice of vet with Vets in Practice (VIP), Alabang branch.

I have one thing to say about the place – impressive.

The lobby was pretty posh for a vet and can easily rival a hotel’s lobby.

It was super clean and it smelled really nice! None of the smelly, stuffy animal musk I used to smell in our former vet.

The place was pretty huge, too.


Another view of the reception area, plus the supplies area where you can buy pet food and other accessories.


They had around 3 consultation rooms. Each consultation room had their own computer where they can check your pets information and input new ones.


These are suite rooms. You can stay here with your pet when your pet is being held overnight for tests and observation.


Hallway leading to their operating room.

We went there on a Thursday, around 3PM in the afternoon. We were the only people there so we were immediately attended to.

We filled up a form and then we went inside one of the consultation rooms to show the vet what happened to Baby Steps.

After checking Baby Steps out, the vet (Dr. Jess) suggested that we do an x-ray to see how bad the broken leg is.


Baby Steps’ left leg was run over. Fortunately, the x-ray showed no crushed bones but it looked like left leg was pulled out of the hip socket, or something.

Dr. Jess told us that surgery had to be done. Basically, they’ll need to use pins to put back the bones together. He scheduled Baby Steps for surgery next day with Dr. Nielsen Donato.

Baby Steps Surgery Day

My sister and I were planning to bring Baby Steps to VIP at around 12 noon the next day. My sister, however, got a text message from the vet at around 1030am. They were requesting if we could bring Baby Steps as Dr. Nielsen was already in.

When we got there, we had to wait a while as Dr. Nielsen was a very busy guy! He was very much in-demand, answering calls left and right, and following up on other pet patients.

There were also other pets around that came in for check up.

After 30 minutes or so, Dr. Nielsen was finally able to see us.

He examined Baby Steps and told us that while he can do surgery on the leg, he’s unsure if Baby Steps will still be able to make full use of the leg. He wasn’t sure if the nerves were still in-tact and working.

Even if the surgery went well, but the leg was found to be unresponsive, the surgery will be useless.

So he presented another option – to amputate Baby Steps’ left leg.

We actually weren’t surprised as this was an option we were already considering.

We would like to keep, of course, the leg if we could, but if amputation was indeed the better option, then we were okay with that, too. So we said okay to amputation.

Before they began the procedure, however, they decided to do another x-ray… which was a good thing because the 2nd x-ray showed that the leg could be saved!


They then brought Baby Steps in the operating room and started on the operation.

We were informed that the procedure was quick, like 30 mins or so but it was the recovery period that was going to take a while.

So we decided to go and just have lunch. While having lunch, we received a call from VIP asking us if we were okay to have Baby Steps neutered. We gave the go signal as well since Baby Steps was already under.

At around 4PM, we came back and Baby Steps was already wake but a bit groggy. We waited for another 30 minutes until the vet decided that Baby Steps was okay to be brought home.

3 Days After

Here is Baby Steps 3 days after the surgery.


The stitches are healing well and he’s moving better than before. His leg is still a bit straight, though, and he’s still dragging it when walking. Not because the leg is dead but because the muscles of the leg are hard and contracted.

Dr. Nielsen did mention that Baby Steps will probably need therapy when the stitches are fully healed. (OMG, therapy for cats!)

And here’s a little video.

All in all, I’m very happy with Vets in Practice, Alabang.

The prices of their services seem reasonable.

I like how they followed up on Baby Steps 24 hours after, asking how he was.

The pet doctors were very nice, too.

When we get a new pet, I’ll definitely be bringing my new baby there.

For those wondering where Vets in Practice Alabang is, here’s a map


Vets in Practice – Alabang
Unit 102 G/F Alabang Business Tower
1216 Acacia Avenue, Madrigal Business Park
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel. No. 842-8379

Pet lovers, where do you bring your pets for their vet needs?



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  1. Lia Espina Lopez says

    @Avy, I know right? :) We just had a follow up today with Dr. Nielsen. Medyo not good kasi the leg isn’t as responsive as he hoped it would be. We have to observe for a month and if no changes, baka kelangan rin i-amputate in the end :( Oh well. But cats naman daw are good orthopedic patients so he’ll be okay on 3 legs, if ever… haha! :)

  2. Hannah Hafalla says

    Can i ask how much is their price for checkup? Thanks :) Glad to know your kitty’s getting well!

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Hannah! It depends on the resident vet available :) For the senior vets, I think it’s around P450 :)

  3. Claudine says

    Hi! Hope your cat’s doing fine! Anyway, I found your blog while searching for good vet. clinics in Alabang. Just want to ask if Vets in Practice offer grooming services for cats? I’d like to give my cat a thorough cleaning (found him in a dirty construction site a week ago) but I’m a new cat owner so I’m still a bit scared to hold him. I asked Animal House Alabang if they groom cats (they do), but based on this post parang I don’t want to risk it kasi baka they’re too harsh on cats!

    Hope to get a response from you :) Thanks in advance!

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Claudine! Yup, they groom cats. I just haven’t seen how they actually do it since I leave my cat during his scheduled appointment then pick him up afterwards. But the staff there are really nice with the pets so I’m not too concerned about them mishandling animals :) The grooming costs P600 and you’ll need to call as grooming is by appointment :) Hope this helps!

  4. celine says

    Can u help me look for an affordable like really affordable vet clinic that can do cat spay for female Pinoy cats no breed? Im from las pinas and i cant afford a 3k price range for a cat spay. Please help..

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Celine, if you can travel all the way to Mandaluyong, MACE ( offers low-cost spay/neuter services. P700 for spaying and P500 for neuter.

      VIP Alabang also offers low-cost spay/neuter service if you get endorsement from CARA. You may call CARA at 353-3381/0910-7297026.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Paula says

    Hi! I am considering to bring my cat in VIP cos he just recently got an injury and I think it needs stitches. How much do you think would it cost? Thank you!

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Paula, I hope your cat is doing okay. Sorry my reply’s a bit late. Have you brought your cat to the vet already? Anyway, i can’t really say how much it would cost. It depends on the procedure to be done. But for sure, the consultation is already a sure P450, maybe add meds that’s another, let’s say, P400. To be on the safe side, expect around P1,500?

  6. Pam Edlagan says

    Hi Lia,

    I’m considering going to VIP to have my puppies dewormed and have all the required shots. Would they be able to help me? And do you think they will give a fair price?

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Pam, VIP can surely help you on the deworming and shots for your puppies. They already have a set pricing for their services and they are slightly more expensive than other vets. But it’s a fair price to pay knowing your pups will be in good hands. :)

  7. says

    Hello Lia,

    I would like to ask sana how much did it cost you for the whole process including the xray, consulation and meds? I would like to bring my cat din sana. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    • Lia Espina Lopez says

      Hi Joann, xray is around P500, while consult fee is around P450. Meds will depend on your pets condition. If any case, you can buy naman the meds from Mercury drugs if it’s also human medication. The vet will just give you proper dosage. Hope it’s nothing serious.


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