My 5-minute makeup routine… UPDATED!


I have so many blog backlogs that I don’t know where to start! My brain is still in holiday mode and it’s taking a little while for me to actually come up with an articulate blog post. So to jumpstart my blogging haitus after the long, long holiday (Papal visit included), let me start with […]

Let’s Get Sexy with this 30 Day Exercise Challenge!


I’m still on an endorphin high! My girls and I are taking on this 30 day exercise challenge. My girls who are doing the challenge with me are mostly mommies and they’re doing this challenge to get their pre-pregnancy body back. I, on the other hand, just really need to move more. (Plus I really […]

My Laser Facial Experience at the #NewWinkStudio, Alabang Town Center


What comes to mind when you hear the word “laser”? For me, when I hear the word “laser”, the following comes to mind: “pew pew”, Star Wars, lightsaber, space ships, Dr. Evil from Austin Powers (giant quote-unquote laser) and well, hair removal. But never “facial”. I could never associate the word “laser” with “facial”. So imagine […]

My First Impression with SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion + Giveaway


Hey geeks! I got some beauty stuff up for review today – SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion. (and a giveaway at the bottom of this post!) To be honest, I don’t have any need for whitening products. I’m already fair in complexion to begin with and most of the time, I always get the “Ang puti mo […]

Loving Ellana Minerals. But…


I’m really loving Ellana Minerals. The only problem is, I still can’t figure out which shade I am with their pressed mineral foundation! The first shade I bought was their Chai Tea Latte which is supposedly for light, cool-toned complexion. The problem is, I (think) am warm-toned. Because I felt that the Chai Tea Latte shade […]

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Happy Skin Cosmetics Second Skin Creme and Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Foundation Powder


♫ ♬ On the 9th day of Christmas, GeekGirlManila gave to me…  a Second Skin Creme and Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Foundation Powder from Happy Skin… ♫ ♬ When I first heard about Happy Skin Cosmetics, I was a bit skeptical. I found the prices a bit expensive, considering it is local brand. Then I found out […]

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Urban Decay Naked Flush


♫ ♬ On the 8th day of Christmas, GeekGirlManila gave to me…  a Urban Decay Naked Flush palette… ♫ ♬ Lucky the kikay geek who will get this! I really, REALLY wanted this for myself. I had the hubby buy this for me from Sephora during his business trip in Singapore. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to […]

Best WingTip Eyeliner Tutorial Ever!


OMG, I have found the BEST wing tip eyeliner tutorial – a tutorial that actually WORKS! When it comes to wing tip eyeliners, I’m a was a lost cause. I tried and bought everything – gel liners from MAC, liquid liners from K-Palette, etc – but I could never create the perfect wing tip for […]

My 5-minute Makeup Routine


Hello geeks! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I’m off to Sunday lunch with my family and I’m just waiting for the hubby to finish dressing up. Anyway, just sharing with you my 5-minute makeup routine :) 1 – Shu Uemura TSUYA Eye serum – Apply on eyelids and under eye. Helps keep the […]

My VelaSmooth PRO Experience At The SKIN Plus Giveaway!


When most of your girl friends are either pregnant or have given birth, one topic you will always talk about is how to lose the baby weight and get your pre-pregnancy body back. I personally can’t relate yet as I’m neither pregnant nor have I given birth, but I am mentally taking down notes for […]