6 Perks Shopaholics Should Know About Smart’s Infinity Purple Card Packages


Shopaholic geeks, have you heard about Smart's Infinity Purple Card packages? If you haven't then you should read on because these packages offers the best premium-brand perks imaginable! I kid you not! Smart Infinity has always been known to offer the most amazing perks and rewards that come along with their plans when subscribing to them. Premium mobile phones, high end laptops, brand new TVs and other high end appliances, you name it. But since not everyone is … [Read more...]

#PayWithMobile: How To Buy from iTunes and The App Store Without A Credit Card In 4 Easy Steps!


Hey geeks, good news! Starting February 16, there's an easy and convenient way for you to purchase apps, music, games, e-books and more from iTunes and the App Store! Here's how in 4 easy steps! #1 - Be a Smart subscriber This awesome service is only available to Smart subscribers so if I were you, make the switch! Haha! A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on Nov 14, 2014 at 2:30am PST But if you can't let go of your old telco (you really should, you know), you can … [Read more...]

#GeekyEats: Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Treats


I'm feeling the love from Krispy Kreme! How cute are these Valentine's doughnuts?! :) The generalization that all girls love flowers don't apply to me. I never liked flowers. Sure, they are pretty and they light up a room. But they eventually wither away leaving dust and dirt in their wake. I prefer sweets and chocolates! For sure, my sweet tooth will be satisfied and my tummy will be happy! If your significant other is just like me, these Valentine's doughnuts from Krispy Kreme … [Read more...]

Find Your Inner Twitter Poet


OMG, I am totally LOL-ing here. This site is too good not to share! Twitter geeks, you must try this out! Find your inner poet with Poetweet! Just go to the website and enter your Twitter user name. Choose a poem style and wait for your masterpiece! Now I'm going to share you mine. Behold! The poetess in me! That title... really?! Kind makes sense. Sort of. How profound! *LOL* Hahahaha. OMG. This is hilarious! Now it's your turn! Share with me your masterpieces by … [Read more...]

#GeekGiveaway: Star Wars Moleskine 2015 Planner


Okay, geeks! After a month long deliberation with myself, I have decided to giveaway this precious, precious Star Wars Moleskine 2015 Planner! I impulsively got one for myself when I was buying another one for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift last year. The geek in me just had to have it then. However, January has passed and I still haven't used it. I most likely won't ever get to use it as I'm more of a blank journal kind of girl where I can just scribble and doodle anywhere … [Read more...]

#NowWatching: Forever


So the husband and I started watching this TV series called "Forever". The TV show is about this man who is 200 years old and he cannot die. He's basically immortal and whenever he does "die" (like accidentally fall off a building, or something), he resurrects in a body of a water. He's been on the search for clues on how to unlock his immortality and because of this, he took up a job as a medical examiner in a morgue in New York. The show is quite similar to "Elementary". Guy … [Read more...]

#SmartInternetForAll: Disney Content for Smart Subscribers


*sings* I can show you the worrrrrrrlllllld... For some reason, the song "A Whole New World" was ringing in my head the whole weekend. If you were to make me choose which among the Disney classics is my favorite, it would probably be Aladdin. The whole "Be true to yourself" lesson which Aladdin had to learn in the movie, along with Princess Jasmine's search for "something new and exciting" in her life, is close to my heart. (I was always in battle with boredom when I a little kid. … [Read more...]

#SouthEats: BORGO Cafe Now Open in Robinson’s Place, Las Pinas!


Hey Southies, if you still haven't heard, there's a new mall in town! Robinson's Place in Las PiƱas is now open and there are a few restaurants there worth eating at. I'm happy to say that one of my favorite restaurants - BORGO Cafe - has opened a branch in Robinson's Place. If you happen to drop by the mall, do try the food there! You can find BORGO Cafe on the Ground Floor, right across Robinson's Supermarket. You won't miss it. I'm loving the whole 'industrial chic' look, … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola 5by20: Empowering Women, Improving Lives


Time and again, Coca-Cola always amazes me with their various campaigns. I especially loved their "What is Happiness?" campaign where people are challenged to define their own meaning of happiness. Sometimes you'll find that happiness finds you when you least expect it. This time around, in line with their Happiness advocacy, Coca-Cola came up with another campaign that I fully support - 5by20: Empowering women, improving lives. There has always been a misconception when we talk … [Read more...]

Calling All Photographers! Join the Canon 2014 PhotoMarathon!


Just like what the title of this post says, Canon Philippines is inviting all photography enthusiasts to join the Canon 2014 PhotoMarathon! The Canon 2014 PhotoMarathon competition is happening this 8th of November, 2014 at the High Street of Bonifacio Global City. Whether you're a hobbyist or professional, everyone is welcome to join! Grand prize for the Point & Shoot Category includes: a Canon EOS 700D a dual arm foto crane from Steady Tracker a Black Rapid camera … [Read more...]