Make Birthday Celebrations Sweeter with Red Ribbon!


Have you ever noticed that during September, there seem to be a whole lot more people celebrating their birthdays? I, for one, personally know *counts fingers* five (FIVE!!!) people who have celebrated and are still celebrating their birthdays this month. This includes my very own husband, one of my nieces and my sister-in-law, then add two friends. […]

Celebrate International Chocolate Month with Krispy Kreme’s Limited Edition Cadbury Doughnuts!


September is International Chocolate Month and to celebrate, Krispy Kreme has concocted limited edition Cadbury Doughnuts! Starting tomorrow, September 10, 2014, these super yummy new doughnut flavours will be available in all Krispy Kreme branches nationwide. So let’s check out the new flavours up-close, shall we? Aaaah, just looking at these photos is enough to […]

You are on the Internet. NOTHING IS PRIVATE.


(Thank you to (╯°□°)╯︵ pɐɹpɐɹ on Twitter for my title inspiration.) It’s a Friday night and guess what I’m doing? (Guess… you’ll never know!) I’m having a discussion/debate on the (alleged) privacy issue of the new Facebook Messenger App on Twitter! It started with this brain fart. Post by Lia Espina Lopez. Being the social media […]

SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion Giveaway Winners


Hey kikay geeks! I know you’ve been waiting for this announcement for some time now and I’m sorry it took a while. I had to wait for our very generous sponsor to give me the final list of the winners. It took them quite a while to choose the winners as there were so many […]

Craving For: Krispy Kreme’s Baked Creations


A few weeks ago, Krispy Kreme sent a package to our home. I was actually out when the delivery came but Artie was there to receive it. He called me up while I was out, asking if I was expecting anything from Krispy Kreme. I said no, I wasn’t expecting any delivery that day. By […]

50% Off on Acme Made Products for Your Gadgets!


Hey geeks! Check out this back-to-school promo! When you buy a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, you get a 50% off gift voucher for selected Acme Made products! Get a matching sleeve for your new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for half the price :) Only until June 10 to July 10, 2014. XOXO, […]

Win an iPod touch with #ColoudFootball


Coloud Headphones kicks it off with the limited Football Edition of The Boom headphones and a huge giveaway!The Boom headphones is available in colorways that depict the flags of football crazed countries such as Argentina (Blue/ White), Mexico (Green/ White/ Red), Holland (Orange), Germany(Black/Yellow/Red), Brazil (Green/Yellow), and England (White/Red).  These #ColoudFootball Edition Headphones are available for P1495 at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Astrovision, and Mobile 1. #ColoudFootball Contest Mechanics  Get […]

#AbotKoAngSuccess: SUN Broadband Prepaid’s Unlimited Surf 100


Hey geeky SUN users! Just in case you haven’t heard, you can now enjoy 3 days of unlimited surfing for only P100 with SUN Broadband Prepaid’s Unlimited Surf 100! To avail of this awesome promo, just text UNLI100 to 247. I really love how affordable internet is now made easily accessible to everyone nowadays. I remember the […]

Make Someone’s Day Special! Krispy Kreme Message Donuts + Giveaway


You know it’s going to be a great day when you get a very sweet delivery from Krispy Kreme so early in the morning. I opened it up and this is what’s inside… This is really a pleasant surprise and what a way to start my day! I have a feeling it’s going to be […]

10 Lessons I Learned from the Cesar Millan Live in Manila 2014


When I saw the announcement early this year that Cesar Millan will be visiting Manila, I made sure that we will be able to attend his show… by hook or by crook! So finally, the other day was THE day! We were finally going to see Cesar Millan LIVE! I SUPER regret not being able […]