#GeekyEats: Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Treats


I'm feeling the love from Krispy Kreme! How cute are these Valentine's doughnuts?! :) The generalization that all girls love flowers don't apply to me. I never liked flowers. Sure, they are pretty and they light up a room. But they eventually wither away leaving dust and dirt in their wake. I prefer sweets and chocolates! For sure, my … [Read more...]

Find Your Inner Twitter Poet


OMG, I am totally LOL-ing here. This site is too good not to share! Twitter geeks, you must try this out! Find your inner poet with Poetweet! Just go to the website and enter your Twitter user name. Choose a poem style and wait for your masterpiece! Now I'm going to share you mine. Behold! The poetess in me! That title... … [Read more...]

#GeekGiveaway: Star Wars Moleskine 2015 Planner


Okay, geeks! After a month long deliberation with myself, I have decided to giveaway this precious, precious Star Wars Moleskine 2015 Planner! I impulsively got one for myself when I was buying another one for my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift last year. The geek in me just had to have it then. However, January has passed and I … [Read more...]

#NowWatching: Forever


So the husband and I started watching this TV series called "Forever". The TV show is about this man who is 200 years old and he cannot die. He's basically immortal and whenever he does "die" (like accidentally fall off a building, or something), he resurrects in a body of a water. He's been on the search for clues on how to unlock his … [Read more...]