Beat the Heat with Rita’s Italian Ice


I finally got to try out Rita's Italian Ice last Saturday! Woohoo! I got the Strawberry-Banana Ice, Chocolate Custard Gelati. It's so good! It's just like eating a banana split. I've been seeing Rita's Italian Ice all over social media so I was pretty curious about this dessert. Unfortunately, the location of it's one and only (at the … [Read more...]

How Women Gamble


If you compare the gambling behavior between men and women, you’ll see that men are more emotionally competitive and that women are generally more interested in the social aspect of casinos. Though men and women vary in betting habits, that isn’t saying that women don’t enjoy gambling. Women love to gamble, just not in the same way as men do, and … [Read more...]

#GeekyEats: Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Treats


I'm feeling the love from Krispy Kreme! How cute are these Valentine's doughnuts?! :) The generalization that all girls love flowers don't apply to me. I never liked flowers. Sure, they are pretty and they light up a room. But they eventually wither away leaving dust and dirt in their wake. I prefer sweets and chocolates! For sure, my … [Read more...]

Find Your Inner Twitter Poet


OMG, I am totally LOL-ing here. This site is too good not to share! Twitter geeks, you must try this out! Find your inner poet with Poetweet! Just go to the website and enter your Twitter user name. Choose a poem style and wait for your masterpiece! Now I'm going to share you mine. Behold! The poetess in me! That title... … [Read more...]