Let’s Play ‘Guess What?’! #2


Hey everyone! It's time to play 'Guess What?'! Guess what this item is! Clues: I bought this item almost 3 weeks ago and I posted it on the GeekGirlManila Facebook Page. It's an item for the ladies :) I really wanted this item for myself, but unfortunately, it's too big for me that it slips off :( I've NEVER worn it, except to … [Read more...]

Guess What #1: It’s A…


Two days ago, I made you guys 'Guess What?' this mystery thing is... Now it's time for the reveal! It's a… *drum roll* it's the most hi-tech iPod/iPhone stand EVER! It's pretty easy to use! Just stick it on the back of your iPhone or iPod. Best used in propping up your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally because... ... Propping it … [Read more...]

Let’s Play ‘Guess What?’! #1


Time for sharing! ;) Can anyone guess what this is? :) I will share my e-book copy of "A Dance with Dragons", the fifth book of George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Fire and Ice' series to the FIRST person who guesses correctly! CLUE: It's NOT for the bathroom and it's actually a GADGET accessory. Happy Guessing! ;) … [Read more...]