About The Geek Girl


Hi, I’m Lia Espina Lopez…

… and I’m proud to be a GEEK! *wave*

My earliest memory of geek-ness was a vague memory of myself holding an Atari controller when I was probably around 3 or 4 years old. Then at 7 years old my dad introduced me to the great world of XT computers, and everything just went from there.

Now I’m fully embracing my geek-ness!

I guess I could say I’m happiest when in front of a computer, just surfing about the latest tech news all over the world (Japan most especially!), Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, blogging and of course (how can I forget) playing World of Warcraft!

Before you start thinking that I’m some kind of an anti-social hermit with no friends aside from little pixels running all over my computer screen, I do have other activities like yoga, shopping and drinking with friends (yes, real life human friends!)

How GeekGirlManila Came To Be

I started blogging in 2004, with my first blog on Livejournal. I had no concept of niche blogging then so my first blog was like an online diary, purely full of random thoughts and feelings, while ocassionaly linking to things I find interesting.

Fast forward to 2007 where I got my first “professional” paid blogging gig, The Gadgenista. The Gadgenista is a tech blog for women where you can read about cute things, pink gadgets and gadget reviews from a woman’s perspective.

With Gadgenista, I learned a lot of things like:

  • niche blogging
  • back linking
  • SEO
  • blog promotion
  • blog etiquettes such as proper image crediting and the likes
  • earning money from blogging via Ad Sense
  • concepts like page hits, page views and CPM

… and a whole more.

In 2009, I started contributing articles to Apple Gazette and Forever Geek.

Sadly, in 2010, b5media had to let go a huge chunk of their bloggers because of the recession in the US. I was one of them. So goodbye, Gadgenista. (I already had GeekGirlManila but I wasn’t as active in posting)

You can’t imagine how bad I felt, because I spent 3 good long years building a brand that in the end didn’t end up being mine. It felt like a part of me died (dun, dun, dun!).

Shortly after that, I had to stop writing for Apple Gazette and ForeverGeek because of The Day That Changed My Life. I had no control of my left hand and writing a simple blog post took a lot out of me. (Thank God for World of Warcraft! It’s the best Occupational Therapy ever!)

Fast forward to 2011, I’m almost 100% recovered and I vowed to myself that I will build a brand that’s mine, and that my friend, is the story of Geek Girl Manila.