Geek Girl Review: BrainWavz Alpha and Beta Earphones

Looking for earphones with some serious sound quality but on a budget? You’re in luck because I have a recommendation just for you.

Brainwavz: Alpha and Beta Earphones, P950 and P1,350 respectively.


BRAINWAVZ ALPHA: Front of the box

BRAINWAVZ ALPHA: Back of the box. Only P950.00! Such a steal!

BRAINWAVZ ALPHA: Comes with a clip and different sized silicone tips (S,M,L)

BRAINWAVZ ALPHA: The earphone.

BRAINWAVZ BETA: Front of the box

BRAINWAVZ BETA: Back of the box. P1,350. IMO, you’re paying a little more for the comfort.

BRAINWAVZ BETA: Comes with a foam tip and 3 different sized silicone tips (S, M, L)

BRAINWAVZ BETA: The earphone.

BRAINWAVZ BETA: Showing you it’s odd-shape. Surprisingly, the shape contributes to its really comfortable fit.

I really recommend the earbuds. For the price you’re paying, the sound quality is really good. I give it a 4/5. No frills, just good sound quality.

Comfortable Fit? They’re not kidding. I can listen to music for hours with these earbuds.

Which one to get? If you’re the boom-boom kind of audiophile, go get the ALPHA BRAINWAVZ. If you’re into voice and clarity, go get the BETA BRAINWAVZ.

As for my personal choice, I like the BETA more. The oddly-shaped earbuds fit right into my ear. I like to listen to pop and JPop so clarity is what I look for.

BRAINWAVZ Earphones are available at the following stores:

  • Beyond the Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker


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  1. Ted says

    Nice! I’m a bit of an audiophile myself. For in-ear earbuds I also recommend Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds. Really crisp with a solid bass. Don’t ever waste your money on anything from Etymonic. Most overpriced, poorly made, tinny sounding pieces of junk I’ve ever wasted my hard earned cash on. Bose and JBL also make good headphones (obviously… Though I find the bass on Bose a little bit overdone and not as crisp) Right now, I’ve got a pair of the Roc Nation Aviators. They look and sound awesome! Next set of headphones I’m pining for are a pair of Marshall Majors. Best I’ve heard yet!

  2. Ted says

    Oh! And for gaming I’ve got a pair of Tritton 360 headphones. 7,1 surround with vibration control for added bass! You want cinema effect? These are what you’re looking for. Definitely not something you can walk around with though as they’re pretty massive.

  3. fakuryu says

    @Ted, trust me on this, even a Superlux 381F sounds much much better than a Skull Candy Holua and I like the sound signature of the Brainwavz Beta a bit more than the 381f.

    There are also a lot more headphones out there that are better than the Marshall Majors, the Grado SR80i is just one of them.

    But yeah, in music, it is still depends on how you perceive it :)

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